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and don’t worry about transportation

The definitive platform to integrate transportation into all your online purchases and sales

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*Pay after delivery. A professional will contact you to manage the shipment.

Reverse logistics specialists


Free for the first 100 associates during the first year.

Belonging to Expressway Solutions costs 1,440 euros per year, which are charged in a single receipt. The average is, therefore, only 3.94 euros per day.

Exclusive services for members

for your professional development and to keep you informed.

Access to 1st level national suppliers

to improve your product and your corporate image.

Exclusive logistics services

to differentiate yourself in the market.

Virtual coworking services

in managing your shipments with the utmost professionalism.

Shipment tracking

Multi language

So that anyone, wherever they are, can enjoy the service


To be able to see your shipments, tracking and access all the equipment on any device

100% Cloud

View your services anywhere in the world without losing your data


With the maximum online security measures. With synchronized backups to safeguard your information and data


We universalize transportation in an affordable way for anyone, regardless of their transportation volume or the type of product to be transported.

The first dynamic virtual network updated in real time

A network with more than 1000 distributor points throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

We merge national transportation backbone networks

to create its own network based on quality and efficiency with the greatest national capillarity that reduces time and management for the user in addition to guaranteeing effectiveness in services.

Our partners

Added to our own computer development, they result in a safe, reliable, affordable and unique tool to revolutionize the e-commerce that we all know.